chiropractic trivia

*see answers below*

1. In what year was the Palmer School of Chiropractic opened?
     A.   1856
     B.   1874
     C.   1888
     D.   1897

2. In 1913, chiropractic was legalized for the first time by which state?
    A.   Kansas
    B.   Iowa
    C.   Illinois
    D.   California

3.  Who quoted "nature needs no help, just no interference"?
    A.  Michael Jordan
    B.  D.D. Palmer
    C.  B.J. Palmer
    D.  Bill Clinton

4. During what stage in your life can the first subluxation be caused?
    A.  first day of school
    B.  birth
    C.  learning to walk
    D.  your wedding day

5.  What bodily system does chiropractic help to remove interference?
    A.  digestive
    B.  nervous
    C.  circulatory

    D.  endocrine

6.  In what year did the first chiropractic patient receive his first treatment?

    A.  1895
    B.  1907
    C.  1960
    D.  1981

7.  What are the top vertebrae of the spine?

   A.  axis and sacrum
   B.  atlas and axis
   C.  atlas and thoracic
   D.  ilium and sacrum

8.  Chiropractic can help with...?
   A.  headaches
   B.  colds
   C.  sciatica
   D.  pregnancy

   E.  All of the above

9.  Chiropractic care is for...?
   A.  infants
   B.  kids
   C.  adults  
   D.  senior citizens
   E.  all of the above

10.  When lifting properly, you should:
   A.  bend with your knees
   B.  lift with your legs, not back
   C.  avoid twisting
   D.  all of the above

11.  Chiropractic was founded by DD Palmer but was developed by whom?
   A.   Fred Flinston
   B.  BJ Palmer
   C.  Roger Hulsebus
   D.  Mabel Palmer

12.    How many vertebrae does a giraffe have in its neck?

   A.  6
   B.  7 (same as a human)

   C.  10
   D.  18

13.  How many chiropractic schools are in the United States?
   A.  10
   B.  12
   C.  15
   D.  17

14.  How many vertebrae are in the human body?

   A.  14
   B.  18
   C.  24
   D.  27

15.  What carries oxygenated blood?
   A.  arteries
   B.  veins

1. D
2. A
3. C
4. B
5. B

6. A
7. B
8. E
9. E
10. D
11. B
12. B
13. D

14. C
15. A